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Thread: MSVCRT.DLL page fault during installation

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    Please help! I had Oracle Client version installed before. I uninstalled it about four months ago. Upon reinstalling it from another CD, I receive the following error: ORAINST caused an invalid page fault in module MSVCRT.DLL at 017f:7801425c. I tried copying the .DLL from another computer running Windows 98. I tried installing Oracle with Windows in Safe Mode. No bananas. Any ideas are appreciated.

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    Yes, it's most likely that you're not installing using the Y2K compilant installer.
    You need version or above I believe to aviod that error.

    Oracle no longer have it on Metalink... I have a copy here, but it's about 3Mb. I meant to upload it to a website, but haven't had a chance. I will try and get round to doing this tomorrow anyway.

    Sometime setting the system clock back to 1999 works (sometimes it also need a reboot to force it to work) - but this doesn't seem to work all the time.


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