Hi All,

I am completely new to the web world.

We have an application which is in client-server technology
(oracle forms /reports 6i)
Oracle database 816

Now we wanted to move our application from client-sever to web enabled.

I had tested all the 9iAS Release 1 & 2 longtime back and was really confused as 1 & 2 installation was different .

Release 2 had some infrastructure..etc.

Now we are planning to move completely to 10g forms & 10iAS. I was going through some docs (10g iAS installation) and there it says now it has becomes simple where we can just install some Forms & Report services instead of the whole iAS.

1) What all do I need to run my application over web ?

2) Just installing the Oracle Forms & Report Services of 10g(9.0.4)is enough for my application to run over web ?
Do I need to install the whole 10g iAS ?