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Thread: Quick Question!!!

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    Hi All,
    One quick question...i want to see how many users are connected at given point of time....

    I know that from V$session we can get current users connected but what i wanted to know is, from morning 7 to evening 7 how many users have logged in and logged off and at what time...

    we have 8.0.6 version.

    Vinod Kumar.

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    try to do auditing.check with sys.aud$ table.

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    with Oracle 8i, you can put triggers on database events (like users logging on and off). This might have also been available in 8.0, I am not sure. Check your 8.0 documentation under 'Create Trigger'

    If 8.0 allows this kind of trigger, you can create a table and have the trigger insert logon and logoff information into it.

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    jdorlon -

    Excellent solution, but (as you suspected) those triggers are an 8.1 feature, not 8.0.

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