ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol error
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Thread: ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol error

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    ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol error

    Server is Oracle on wind2k
    Client: Win2k prof, SQL*PLUS 9.1.0, Oracle Developer 2000 6.0-Forms Builder


    Note:I am able to connect from a diff client with SQL*Plus: Release and i can connect to the database no probs

    I get this error when I am in a forms application when using WORD?


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    Is there anything in the alert log that might be helpful? Any trace files?

    Here's something that might be helpful:
    RDBMS - Troubleshooting two-task common errors

    1. Check for NLS incompatibilities between the client and server. This is a very popular cause of the ORA-03106 error.

    2. Check the alert log and RDBMS trace files for any pertinent information / errors that coincide with receiving the ORA-03106 error.

    3. Try to get a testcase and reproduce the problem in-house.

    4. If a testcase is not possible, ask for SQL*Net trace files, SQL traces, and try setting event 3106 to obtain the error stack.

    5. In extreme circumstances, this could indicate that a shared memory segment used by Oracle is corrupted. You will have to shut down the database, possibly using the abort option. Make sure all semaphores have been released by using the IPCS command on Unix. Oracle uses semaphores to control concurrency between all of the background processes (pmon, smon, drwr, lgwr, and oracle shadow processes). Semaphores are also used to control Two-Task communication between the user process and the shadow process.

    6. Try and narrow down the code that may be causing it. For example it might have started to happen after increasing the number of parameters in a PL/SQL block or when using certain values for bind variables, etc.

    7. If we still do not make headway, file a bug under RDBMS, but we still may need some or all of the above information as indicated above
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