I have two oracle instances on my production box and just recently setup a dataguard. Guess what there are memory problems in production and now I have to do a switchover .

As you can guess , I'm quite frantically looking around for best practices or a checklist documents to make sure it goes on well. As you can guess, we dont have a development instance / test instance yet due to cash crunches . Though I will get my test and dev boxes by end of the year .. I will have to do a switchover to justify getting my second standby box. Can you guys help me with some documention for 9i release 2.0 . my produciton and standby instances have same structuire and are on different nodes and is following up closesly.

I have just jotted down a few things to do not necessarily in the right order :

0. BAckup Controlfile to trace on both instances

1. Modify SPFILE on Production for role reversal and create SPFILE on standy ( I now have a PFILE )

2. Create logfiles on standby

3. Create temp files (and rbs files(!) need to check this )

4. Clear logs on production


steps in order
Use dataguard to do role reversal

Anyone has a proper document ? Link to some document ?