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    I am am a having problems with RMAN and NT. Basically Unix is my home town and I have now got to write a rman script in NT. Lost is the word I use!
    Ok so the rman script is not a problem, however how to I run this from a CMD/BAT file? Please help me....

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    The way u use to connect from unix prompt,in NT connect from dos prompt what ever the operations u r performing at unix prompt the same way it applies here.

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    my dos batch writing days are long past but at it's simplest level it's nothing more than a simple shell script, a list of commands to be executed in order (eg a batch). once they're in a file just execute it like any other program.

    you can add control structures and some funky errorlevel stuff which i have all but forgotten about.

    do you want to just schedule the script to run at a certain time? can't you use a scheduler or something instead of having to use batch files?

    just curious, i haven't used rman, let alone oracle on NT.

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