Hi All,

I have repeating frame (printing some thing related to header) and within this frame I have inner repeating frame (printing some thing related to detail). Now in both cases the record should not cut/break instead move to next page if its not fit into the current page. (My header & detail record not in single line, however the combination of 5 lines is one header and the same is for the detail) This is why client wants me do not break/cut header or detail such as e.g. out of 5 lines header print 2 in page1 and reaming 3 lines in next page" DON'T LIKE THIS)

-Fix frame M_1 (outer) for header
--Repeating frame R_1 (outer) for header
---printing HEADER data
-----Fix frame M_2 (inner)within R_1 for detail
-------Repeating frame R_2 (inner) within M_2 for detail
-----------printing DETAIL data
-------close R_2
-----close M_2
--close R_1
-close M_1