I agree that there are situations where you can't help but to follow the orders even if you don't agree with the solution.
I remember a new project came up at our company the database and backup methodology was designed at partner company. The partner company wanted to implement the same thing at our site. They sent me documents and asked me to do exactly what was documented.

I went through the documented and was amused with there backup methodology. It was a small db runnig on WinNT. They have two machines with exactly same confguration. On the main server they have batch jobs to shutdown th db and backup all the drives. Then they move whole backup to another machine (kinda c: to c:, d: to d: etc). They called the other machine "standby server". And they do it on weekly basis. On daily basis they copy the archive logs to another server.

I contacted the people there and tried to explain them that this is not the correct way to do it BUT they wanted EXACTLY same as documents. I agreed on a condition that I will not be taking care of this db after installation and setup.

You know they still call me whenever they run into trouble but not ready to change the way they backup.