Hi guys,
I have two questions

1) Undo management = Manual / Auto.

When most documentations and Gurus (eg :TOM of Ask Tom ) Suggest usage of Undo tablespace to Auto. However in a huge transaction environment is it safe to use it ?
I remember vaguely reading up somewhere that when its set to automatic and when faced with huge transactions the extents sizes are allocated increased considerably i.e PCT_INCREASE 50% or so ?

Has anyone encountered such a situation before ? There were suggestions that the Undo be managed manaully .

2) In oracle 9i release 2.0 databases , what is the difference between standby ( physical ) and dataguard implementation ?

I had set the physical standby just as we used to do in the olden days when the new extra parametrs were not availble like fal_server and fal_Client . The logs are shipped and applied even now. However I could not set delay in the log_archive_dest_2 parameter... ?

So if i have the above setup how would i convert it to Dataguard ?? just setting up remaining parameter ? would it then be possible to do a easy switch over ?