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    Unhappy migrating 8.1.6 on veritas quick I/O to

    Hi Friends,

    We are planning to migrate database which is on veritas quick I/O.

    I have checked the compatibility matrix .

    VxFS Version 2.6 7 8 9 QIO QLOG
    ------------- --- - - - ------- -----
    4.0 n y y y 4.0 none
    3.5 y y y y 3.5 3.5 (MP2RP1 patch)
    3.4 y y y y 3.4 3.4 (Solaris 9 need to run 3.4s9)
    3.3.3 y y y n 3.3.3 1.2
    3.3.2 y y n n 3.3.2 1.1
    3.3.1 y n n n 1.0.5
    3.3 y n n n None None
    3.2.5/3.2.6 y n n n None None

    i think from this diagram we can have both 8.1.7 and 8.1.6 on VxFS 3.3.3 version .

    can anybody update this thread on how to migrate from 8.1.6 to , if the databse is on veritas Quick I/O filesysetm,

    I searched most of the veritas Quick I/O threads in this site , but couldn't find any .

    appreciate your help .

    thanks .

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    i know nothing of veritas quick io, but surely you can just migrate the database regardles of the filesystem. In which case, go read the migration guide

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    actually quick i/o files uses links to all datafiles ..
    i was wondering if oracle installation and oracle migration is diffrent .

    recently i have done oracle migration on test database on solaris . but the production one is on solaris + having veritas quick I/O format ...

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