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Thread: 10g ocp

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    10g ocp

    Just login to prometric and got to know I passed the 10g new feature exam (Beta). I am so happy as I never expect I could make it. It's my first time to take Beta exam and I only had 3 weeks to prepare it. To be frank, it's really a bad experience for me, the 3 hrs' test made me sick. I almost vomited at end of exam.

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    I'm taking that exam (not the Beta anymore) next week, and since it's a new exam there is not too much information about it. Actually I'm focusing my study on the following:

    - OTN article (top-20 new features):

    - Notes from Tim Hall on Oracle-Base, along with the references pointed by him:

    - Official documentation: http://tahiti.oracle.com (obviously I'm not reading EVERYTHING, only the most relevant topics IMO)

    - Oracle 10g - New Features from Oracle Press

    - A test environment

    Since you already took the exam, can you tell what your sources were and confirm if the above are enough?

    From what I've seen until now, the new features stuff seems much easier now and I believe that the Oracle approach may change on the OCP exams.
    An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.
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    10g ocp

    The downloads link in www.oraclecoach.com has some useful notes created by a person who has passed the 10g beta exam too. Could be very useful.

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    10g ocp

    Hi Adrianomp,
    To be frank with you, I used almost the same resource as yours. I visited all the websites you mentioned. The only difference is I read the book 'Oracle Database 10g New Features: Oracle 10g Reference for Advanced Tuning and Administration' by Mike Ault,
    Madhu Tumma, Daniel Liu. This is not an OCP book but I still used it as my main study resource due to no other choice.
    I also downloaded some articles from metalink and oracle website to supplement my study, e.g. 'Top 20 New Features of 10g', '10G Storage New Features', etc. They are very short and didn't consume me much time. Some articles are useful, like 'Migrate from Non-ASM to ASM', I did encounter one question related to convert between
    Non-ASM and ASM.
    I remember there were quite a few quizzes of RMAN Backup & advisors. For diff kind of advisors, other than EM, you should also know its respective DBMS package names.
    OCPWEB provides a good website, if you have time, you may want to browse it.

    Good Luck.

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