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Thread: connect to local database

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    I have a database and all developer tools on my local pc. Using windows2000 and oracle8i.

    I imported a full db. I have existing reports and forms that I would like to make changes to...

    I cannot connect to my local db from the report builder or forms builder. I get error: ORA: TNS: cannot connect to service name

    Anyway, I have tried to alter the tnsnames.ora file...listener.ora file.

    I need help trying to connect. It is ALL LOCAL.

    Any suggestions?


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    Can you post your tnsnames.ora and listener.ora files. I think the files are not configured properly.


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    Before you get into forms & reports, try to connect via sqlplus. If you can not connect via sqlplus, you networking is messed up.
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    i have the same problem, and i can in sql
    but not in forms builder

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    I had the same and checked metalink : As developer 6 does not support multiple homes, it has to be installed before the 816 database software.

    If you already created the database abd do not want to do that again, shut down th edatabase and make a backup of all datafiles, controlfile etc. Remove all oracle software, developer and rdbs , delete the oracle registry keys and the oracle services and reinstall developer. Afterwards reinstall 816 and recreate the service for the database (oradim). Copy back the datafiles etc and you will be able to start up the database.

    Good luck

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