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    Higher Education Question to all DBAs

    This is a question for those of you who have been in the IT field for over 8 years and have DBA background. I have been thinking about getting into a graduate program but I am wondering what others think about the direction of the graduate program and being a dba would help and what direction has it taken you in...

    let me know your thoughts..
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    If you want to be a DBA, I don't see that a graduate program would be practical help - however it might be one of those situation where a companies HR dept. just likes to see the graduate box checked in order for your career with that company to progress beyond a particular level.
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    DBA is a graduate level job

    Well here in europe(in holland atleast) it's assumed that you have a graduates degree if you're looking for a DBA job.
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    Are you thinking of getting a grad degree in business ? I would assume after 8 or more years you would be looking to go into management. What skills are you looking to develope? Or is this one of those, I need a slip of paper to get ahead situations?
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    i was striclty techie for 5 years and last year lead a data center migration, I relly liked it so I've asked for more project mgmt stuff and have started my mba. I have colleagues that have some accredidations from the project manager institue which is another one to look into if you are interested.
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    If you want a company to pay you vast amounts of money for driving it into backrupcy - go for an MBA.

    If you are passionately interested in subject - take a degree in that.

    Otherwise . . . where will you get your motivation to complete the course?

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