Thought I would provide a little comedy to start the long weekend.

Let me give you guys a little background information on my situation before I cut and paste the email transaction.
My database is on Sun we're running a mapping app on Oracle. We've recently upgraded their software from 8.3 to 9.0. According to their documentation, it says that their product is 9i compatable but if you go to thier website it says only Now just to show you how these guys operate, I had some trouble with the product at one time and I searched thier knowledge base and found an article but it only related to 8.3 not 9.0. I was unsure if what the article said would work with the 9.0 because of the huge change in nature of the product, so I opened a case with the company explaining my problem and referencing the url. Two days later the company comes back and says that there's no problem. No explaination just yes Mr.OracleDoc it will work. I went back to the website and saw that they simply added 9.0 to the versions list on the webpage.

So now you have an idea of what I'm dealing with. Here's the email

Subject: #382929 Takes a long time to import rasters since upgrading.


*&^!@# has not been tested or certified with Oracle, hence, it is not supported. Even if you were running &*%$# 8.3 against Oracle and it worked then, it was still an unsupported configuration. Does the same behavior occur on a fully tested, certified and supported configuration (see the #@$&* System Requirements page at http://support.$#@&.com > Software TAB > @#$%! > System Requirements)? Also, if you perform an Oracle trace, where is the problem occurring?


&*%@! Information Reception

Dear $#@*&

According to your website it says that your product is certified for use with Oracle and Oracle So, you're saying that because my Oracle version falls in between two Oracle versions that "are" supported, $#@%* is not going to support its customers? It doesn't seem logical to me that $#@*& would race right out and certify an entire new database version that has only been on the market since January. Come on guys give me a break here... I realize has only been out since April but, it's still 9i core not an entire database version change. Oracle will be coming out here shortly does $#@&* have any plans to certify that or are they going to skip it and certify I'm not tring to be a pain here, just trying to work smarter not harder.