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    Just as a sanity check to ensure that the dump file does indeed contain the table create statements this is what I would do.
    I don't think this will work because it's on windoz and your dump file may be to big to open but....

    copy the .dmp file to something else, do a more on it (in Windoz case open) and see if the table create statements are in it. Don't open the orginal .dmp file cause you'll mess it up. If they're in there but REM'ed out then you'll know you've done a indexfile= or something didn't go right with the export.
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    Since your export isnt that large, why not export using the parameter owner....owner=(your_scema,my_schema,...)

    and import using parameter...fromuser=your_schema touser=yourschema ...

    exporting full=y is really not necessary...why all the sys etc. tables?
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