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Thread: Oracle Alert #68

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    Oracle Alert #68

    Hi Guys,

    We're running a variety of versions from RDB to 10g on VMS and Windows 2000/2003 respectively.

    The patch availability in doc 281189.1 on this alert doesn't list Windows 2003 only NT/Windows 2000.

    Are Oracle that generic about the platform a patch applies to?

    Also seems strange that there are patches listed for and not

    Any thoughts folks (apart from dump Windows!!, I'd love to!)



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    I read the readme.txt for patches marked for download for versions and I think that you can apply these patches for without upgrading to first.
    There is the some text from readme.txt for patch 3835964 for Windows(32-bit)
    o What version can I apply this patch on?
    -> PSE 3 for Windows and any of the older PSEs (PSE 2 and PSE 1)
    -> PSE 6 for Windows and any of the older PSEs (PSE 1-5)
    -> And any of 9.2.0.x Oracle Database Releases for Windows
    Our systems are patched to and I will patch them directly with two patches for Windows OS platform.
    About the question for Windows 2003 you should choose the Windows (64-bit) from the Patch Availability Matrix
    Radoslav Rusinov
    OCP 8i,9i,10g DBA

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