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Thread: insallation problem

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    I am trying to install 8.1.6 in my home computer.

    I went for the typical option .

    The database config assistant failed to create the custom database.This was the only error during the insatllation.

    I uninstalled and installed 3 times then also the same problem.

    Then i tried to create the database .The services are all registed by using oradim

    when invoking svrmgrl it says end of communication

    with error no ora-03113..

    any ideas

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    What is the error you are encountering? Could you tell me that?


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    * Do you have enough memory - problems could happen beacuse of the lake of memery - if you are using NT increase swap file size.

    * Do you have bad sectors on your hard drive - use scandisk to determine this

    * Do you encounter this problems only with ORACLE , I mean does all other software works correctly.

    Kindly give more information like :

    - errors returned + its numbers
    - Operating system type
    - Machine configuration
    - If NT , what service pack is installed
    Hisham Nagia
    IT Manager For Development
    Oracle Consultant - OCP

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    Run the command line...

    Try typing:


    You may only need the first one actually, I'd try that first, but I can't check at the moment.

    Then try running svrmgrl again from the same command prompt window.

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    Terry i tried what you said then also i have the same problem.
    The service is getting registered but when invoking the server manager i get end of communication error.

    i have reduced the db_block_size,and all other parameters also.

    i have 128mb ram still the issue has not been resolved...

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    do you have enough free disk space. I never used the create db within the installer so do not know where oracle wants to put the datafiles.

    Can u just install oracle and then create a db with the db assistant (really easy) Like this u can choose file location etc...

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