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    Hey Dudes,

    I got Certified today (OCDBA8i), just wanted to share my thoughts on how/why to get certified:

    Job Experience: I have over 5 yeards DB experience with Oracle / SQL Server / Informix. Time came to stop being jack of all trades and I decided to look at Oracle more seriously.

    What courses did I take?: I used the CBT from Netg. They were absolutely awesome. They gave me just enough info that I needed. Whenever I didn't understand a concept, I went to the docs.

    How long did it take me to finish it?: About 4 months.

    How did I study?: While going through the CDs, I took notes. Then I reviewed those notes, and made up practice questions from the notes including concepts, syntax, and critical points.

    Did I use STS?: Yes, thank God. STS is SO helpfull. My marks on the test were usually 10-15% lower than the mark on the tests.

    What was the hardest exam?: By far, for me, it was back-up.

    What was the easiest exam?: Tuning.

    Does Certification = Job ?: You know, since I have a job, I'm not really in a position to comment on how to obtain employment through certification. HOWEVER, here is the advice I would give to a family member or close friend:

    Don't try to crack into the DBA field by getting OCDBA. You have a MUCH better chance by just speding a couple years in a community college getting a diploma in tech related field + getting certified MSCD or Oracle Developement. This way, you can get your foot in the door the easy way. I have yet to see a single job posting for novide dbas. I see job posting for novice developers all the time. Grab some experience and see if you can work your way to becoming a DBA.

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    would you please tell me how can I get the CBT.

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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Talking Congrates

    Congratulation Qwer!
    Vimal Patel
    OCP DBA 7.3, 8, 8i, 9i
    Sun Solaris 8 Sys. Admin.

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    What is netg.? Would like to know maybe it will help me get through my Oracle DBA program

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    Big congrats!!!


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    You can get more info on the CD-ROM material from Netg here:


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    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by qwer [/i]
    [B]You can get more info on the CD-ROM material from Netg here:

    [url]http://education.oracle.com/certification/dba8i_core.html[/url] [/B][/QUOTE

    Congratulations on passing!!!

    How did you find the Network Admin exam. Do you think its easier to study and write than the data admin exam?

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    Chennai, India

    I just cleared the 1st paper of Oracle8i DBA. Preparing for the Admin & Architecture paper.

    Can u email the break up of question chapterwise for this paper to my id ggnanaraj@hotmail.com?

    Can u also pass on sample test s/w etc., on this paper?


    Congrats once again!

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    Congrats Qwer !!!

    Can you please send me STS materials at

    Thank you very much Qwer.

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    Question Serious question about my future..

    Congratulations!, first of all, Qwer. your feedback was really helpful to decide my career path. However, I am still confuse that which way should i go to get a better chance DBA or Developer? seems to me if i know the DBA skill,it will be much easier to understand Developer does. I know that most of companies want a DBA or Developer with at least two years experience,but how can i get a experience right after graduate from college?.

    Secondly, what do you think about the future DBMS market?
    Can you give me some forecasting about each database software such as Oracle ,MS SQL Server,DB2,and Sybase..
    I am a MCP on MS SQL Server, but I believe Oracle is still the highest demanding database software on DBMS,ASP,B2B,ERP.. .

    Thanks for read my unclear question, and I am looking forward to here from you soon.

    Best regards jung

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