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    DB upgrade assistant - progress indicator toolbar never moves!

    Am doing a 9.0.1 to 9ir2 upgrade on a piddly w2k machine with 3 databases on it, using db upgrade assistant (256Mb ram, 1cpu x86). The damn progress toolbar never seems to move! It has been sitting at 17% for over a couple of hours now! The database being upgraded is merely 1.5Gb.

    I can clearly see code being executed thru sqlplus and the upgrade logfiles indicate progress as well. The upgrade has generated over 700Mb of redo. However, the toolbar seems to stay put at 17%! Wonder why.

    Never used the upgrade assistant before..will probably be one of the last times I use it too!

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    Oct 2002
    Aah..figured it. The dumb a$$ toolbar merely looks at the NUMBER of components finished to get the %. There is no intelligence to it. There were 6 components to my upgrade - preupgrade, database, intermedia, text, spatial, post upgrade. The installer simply spits out n/6 * 100 as the complete %. In my case, the preupgrade was complete..so 17%. Now that the upgrade is complete, the rest of the stuff is flying.

    Oh well..

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