log_archive_start in 10g
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Thread: log_archive_start in 10g

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    log_archive_start in 10g

    Can anyoane tell me what happened with this parameter in Oracle 10g? I tried o create a db and it failed saying that LOG_ARCHIVE_START is obsolete. I checked the documentation and indeed it doesn't appear to be there anymore, but another parameter, LOG_ARCHIVE_MAX_PROCESSES ,makes reference to it as if it is still valid.
    On the same note, is there a document with all obsolete parameters for a certain version of Oracle?
    Also, how can I get the scripts that Oracle uses to create a db from Configuration Assisstant? In the previous version one had the options to generate only the scripts or the entire db. I can't seem to find the first option anymore.

    Thank you

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    You can find information on obsolete parameters in Upgrade guide. Goto


    -- Dilip

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    the arch process starts automatically if your 10g database is in archive log mode

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