sqlldr - records are not properly loaded
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Thread: sqlldr - records are not properly loaded

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    sqlldr - records are not properly loaded


    I tried to load text file to Oracle database using sqlldr. Here is the control file:
    INFILE '/home/oracle/LOAD/T28548518.txt'
    INTO TABLE pager_data
    WHEN c1 = 'Record_E' and phonenum <> ' ' and capnum <> ' '
    fields terminated by ","
    charge decimal external "ROUND(:charge*1.15,2)",
    phonenum char nullif phone_num=blanks "REPLACE(:phone_num,'-')",
    capnum char nullif capnum=blanks,

    In the condition, If BOTH phonenum AND capnum are NULL, then these records should be skipped, but log shows sql loader skips records if EITHER condition matches. Anyone know why? Thanks for your help.
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