Anyone out there that runs SAP 4.6c on 9i? I've got a potential customer that is currently on 8i, and would like to know how (or if) SAP leverages 9i to offer better performance and availability out of the box. I've never used SAP and have no idea whatsoever.

From a pure database perspective, I'm aware of 9i new features and use 9i myself. So, save the technet link and the drivel on online maintenance capabilities, LMTs, AUM, Cache advisory, Logminer, DG, PGA self tuning, analytics and the need to test/bench mark an upgrade yada yada..:-).

What I need to know is, how well does SAP 4.6c perform on 9i 'as is' and does it leverage anything from 9i (versus 8i). From what I hear SAP is "database-independent". If that's the case - I probably have limited incentives for his upgrade (as things stand today).