I have created two functions named encrypt_word(password,keyvalue), decrypt_word(password,keyvalue) in the backend. It is working fine till i use it in the backend. for ex

select encrypt_word('abc','abcdefghijklmno') ecrypted,
decrypt_word(encrypt_word('abc','abcdefghijklmno'),'abcdefghijklmno') decrypted
from dual;

the result is :

----------- -----------
>?U5`| abc

It is fine.

But when i call this function in the forms , it is not giving the same value. The decrypted value is not the same which i pass. It is giving someother encrypted value like. The value which i pass to the encrypt_word function and the result from the decrypt_word function are not the same. where i go wrong, no idea. Pls help asap.

thanks in advance.