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    Urgent plz..oracle disk full.

    hi all

    my problem is ..drive where ora 10g was installed is full now
    wot i can do to enable more space in the drive ...
    how can i delete undotablespaces....its size has increased alarmingly or any other way to tackle it
    delete files n tell me which ones otherwise
    can i attach any other disk n how can i give path to tht drive...

    help at the earliest plz..

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    I'm a bit surprised no one has replied by now . . . well it is Friday! So here's my 2

    Sounds like either your undo retention period is unreasonably long or you have badly understimated the cost of flashback. You'll have to review this or the problem will just repeat itself.

    As you've got other disk, you could move some datafiles there so that your users can continue to work, while you sort it out properly. (This is Urgent.)

    My preference is to do a cold backup as part of this:
    1. shutdown
    2. backup
    3. move datafile(s) to other disk
    4. startup mount
    5. alter tablespace rename datafile 'AAA' to 'ZZZ'
    6. open

    You could chose to move the undo . . . .

    There are more elegant ways without a shutdown (putting TS offline etc etc). I'm hyper-cautious (it comes with old age) I prefer the above.

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    Re: Urgent plz..oracle disk full.

    Originally posted by secureall
    my problem is ..drive where ora 10g was installed is full now
    Have you looked at you bdump and udump directories? How big is you r alert log. You can always rename then compress your alert log. Perhaps even move it to another volume. If it is large you should also see if there are messages that are filling up the file and address whatever condition that those are telling you about.

    Do you keep your data on the same volume as the Oracle software? If so you may want to move it to a separate volume or several volumes depending on your hardware and you needs.

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