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Thread: EXP/IMP ?????

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    Nov 2000
    I am sorry I forget to add that my database has Designer
    repository. I will be moving this repository in my 8.1.6 database. do I have to do something different for this ???

    thanks all for your reponses

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    I think just a regular import/export will work. However, I think designer comes with a shortcut that passes all correct parameters to export/import.
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    in my analysis, there would be no problem with that since the REPOSITORY created by the DESIGNER will also be recreated since the owner of the said repository(including objects) will be included during import unless if the owner is SYS. this is because SYS objects are not recreated during import.

    by the way, i read in an article written by one of the ORACLE gurus which states that the SYSTEM schema were being retrieve during import. but, just to make sure i believe we have to validate it.

    i hope this would help you...

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    try this

    go for cold backup
    otherwise u will not be able to restore the whole data
    because 3 days before i got the same problem
    copy your datafile ,controlfiles,logfiles as well as init.ora
    and paste at the same place(means the path shoul be same)
    and startup your database

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