i am on windows 2000, with oracle 8.1.7. My oracle was fine in the past. Until today, when i have problems with connection and found out that oracle has this "ORA-12560: TNSrotocol adapter error". I checked the oracleservice service and it was running. I also did a stop/start, and a restart but both failed. Eventually, i did a reboot of the system and it is fine now.

I searched OSS and came across this note 441518 with the below section.

"11. Check whether a reboot solves the problem. This solved the problem in the past, for example, in the case of problems accessing pipes such as

sntpcall: Attempting to open pipe \\.\PIPE\ORANTPFE8.A68
sntpcall: Failed to open pipe \.\PIPE\ORANTPFE8.A68, err = 2

in the Net8 trace and in the subsequent ORA-12560. "

My questions are as follows
1) Does it mean that this will happen consistently in future?
2) my alert file did not show the above error messages either.