Currently, we are using the Oracle Developer Form 6 verison Now, we are planning to migrate from Developer Form 6 to Developer Form 6i.

We are using the all executables compiled in Developer Form 6 those directly using with new Developer Form 6i. But, we are faced the some Form related problems on newly migrate version of Developer Form 6i.

I explain you, which type of problem faced on Oracle Developer form 6i?

I have developed the form using the two tables likes DEPT, EMP, In DEPT table, there are three columns (deptno, dname, loc), Department No is generated automatically and mandatory filed, DNAME and loc is also mandatory field. Other table is EMP table and columns are emp_no, ename, sal.

When I entered the first value in DNAME and LOC fields of first block and cursor is try to move on second block called employee blocks. Oracle Form builder fire the error. It is ‘Department No. must be entered.’ And other alert came immediate after closing the first alert and error is ‘DISABLE ITEM OF ‘DEPT_BLOCK.DEPT_NO’ FAILED VALIDATION’. Based on this error, cursor is not going on other block. Its still remain on first block last field.

Same form is running good without facing any problems on Oracle Developer Form 6.