Hi all,

I have the following setup: Catalog Target RMAN used to backup the target

The problem is that I had a set of RMAN backups to disk. These test sets happen to have been deleted on the OS level. So in order to remove them, I first did a crosscheck, then made then unvailable and then tried deleting them. For some reason, the catalog does not seem to delete the entry. When I try doing some validation on the backup sets and archive log, RMAN is looking for some way older archives which no longer exists. I even tried 'delete expired backups'. So my questions are as follows:

1. How do one remove the entry? Checked the RC_BACKUP_SET and notice the entries had been marked with status "O" (Which I presume to be partially unavailable)

2. How to get rid of the old archive log information from the controlfile? ( present controlfile_record_keep_time is at default which is 7)?

Thanx in advance...