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    Populating Date Field Automatically

    I just have a small question. I am using SQL loader to load data into oracle 9i Database. One of the fields in the Database is a date field which previously was Populated automatically using Oracle "date" SQL command.
    When I am using SQL loader to load the data how can I fill this filed automatically so I donít have to manually go and fill it every time any data is inserted. Any tip would be appreciated.

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    It's in the manual
    Setting a Column to the Current Date
    A column specified with SYSDATE gets the current system date, as defined by the SQL language SYSDATE function. See the section on the DATE datatype in Oracle8i SQL Reference.

    The combination of column name and the SYSDATE keyword is a complete column specification.

    column_name SYSDATE

    The database column must be of type CHAR or DATE. If the column is of type CHAR, then the date is loaded in the form 'dd-mon-yy.' After the load, it can be accessed only in that form. If the system date is loaded into a DATE column, then it can be accessed in a variety of forms that include the time and the date.

    A new system date/time is used for each array of records inserted in a conventional path load and for each block of records loaded during a direct path load.

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