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Thread: How to use Hummingbird Exceed?

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    How to use Hummingbird Exceed?

    Hi DBAs,

    I am facing install the Oracle 9i on a remote server running on AIX 5L.
    I have to use Hummingbird Exceed 8.0 to install it from my local
    PCs. I never do this. Before I just used the server console to install
    the Oracle 9i on servers.

    Any good link or documentation about how to use Hummingbird Exceed?

    Thanks in advance!

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    We do a default install of exceed and use Secure CRT (via ssh2) port forwarding to run Oracle installs.

    Then all you need to do is start exceed, open a session, then run the install. POC.
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    Hummingbird itself comes with documentation.

    If u click
    start-> programs -> Hummingbird Connectivity v8 -> Exceed -> xstart the dialog box is very intuitive.

    The one only thing that is not intuitive is the "Command:" which i use for both Solaris and HP-UX is:

    @(XTerm, method=stdappdb) -display @d&@;

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    456 alternative solution will be to install a unix version of VNC software and export to ur client PC screen to install oracle.
    dont need to buy Exceed software

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