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Good afternoon all, I am responsible fto my company for the recruitment of contract DBA's 9i, Does anyone know of where I can download some questions and answer pages from the internet so that I can test my applicants. I need to test them on everything such as Installation, config, recovery, backup performance tuning, forms reports language skills and everything. Im quite desperate to find one can anyone help.

Fun part for your request is over now, Coming back to your original question: The best bet is sit with your DBA or other who you know (If you have one on the site right now) and discuss and talk about the practical world tasks like...

Table or Tablespace or Datafile is dropped, how to recover ? in different scenarios of most current backup a week before backup, fuzzy backup etc.

End Users complaining about Performance isuues one fine morning, kinda approach to find and resolve the issues etc.

After knowing the best/possible answers its easy to evaluate the person in the interview. So, Bottom line you need to be little knowledgeble about Oracle Administration before you interview the guy.