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Thread: Help with 'update' statement

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    Help with 'update' statement

    Hi Guys,

    Please take a look at this update statement and guide me as to what am I doing wrong:

    update orders set
    orders.state_key = geography.state_key
    orders.geography_key = geography.geography_key;

    when I run this statemnt I get the following error:

    orders.geography_key = geography.geography_key
    ERROR at line 4:
    ORA-00904: "GEOGRAPHY"."GEOGRAPHY_KEY": invalid identifier

    Appreciate you input,


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    Assuming there is a orders.geography_key...

    update orders o
       set o.state_key = (
          select g.state_key 
          from geography g 
          where g.geography_key = o.geography_key)
    where o.geography_key in (select geography_key from geography)
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