i have been working in oracle in windows environment for a long time but now i m switching to Linex...
first problemi m facing is installation of oracle 9.2 server....
i tellu all the steps i did

first i created a user "salman" as oracle administrator...i gave him full rights on "/usr" asi hve decided to install

oracle.....if i need any more permisions then plz tell me
now i run the universal installer(i didnt set any environmet variable...are these necessary??)
first window that appears when we run universal installer is about installation source and destination directory...
the defaule home name is OUIHome but i changed it to "ORAHOME92" same like windows..and i chose the home directory

"/user/oracle"....next dialogue boxes that appear are not much different from windows so no problem here..now when it just

starts the installation it give me following error
Error in setting permisions of file/directory



so kindly tell me whats the problem..what permisions should i set for which user....

another thing about deinstalling on LINUX.....we have registry on windows so we remove entries of oracle from there manually

if we want to deinstall...what do we do here on linux