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    Smile Oracle DBA in Rosslyn VA

    Currently the Database is being managed out of Region 5 - California

    This system is designed to be a national multi-user network database and also assist in
    o maintaining all 40,000+ inventory records
    o and be able to make and save changes by the field units

    Database Administrator- Desired Capabilities
    o Mix of analytical skills for processing and reporting on data, with programming background.
    o Visual Basic skills and/or JavaScript, LotusScript.
    o Experience converting data between various formats, such as between Lotus Notes, Access, Excel, ORACLE, etc.
    o Experience with resource management or administrative functions within agency would be valuable, to help the analyst spot data discrepancies/inconsistencies.(helpful not required)

    Knowledge of reporting tools and/or SQL for extracting and manipulating data such as Crystal Reports or Monarch

    Knowledge of relational database concepts for summarizing and manipulating data such as cross-tab queries, table joins, etc.

    o Post-Inventory refinements are needed in preparation for the 2005 Inventory
    o A full-time administrator would provide an immediate response to needed data analyses
    o A full-time administrator would provide the ability to open and close the files for field updates throughout the year and therefore increase the accuracy of the file, saving time for better analysis during the pre-Inventory phase.
    Agency might want migrate to new database environment. The following is a listing and discussion of some of the characteristics under consideration. Because of the extensive application use of the database in the Nov-Jan time frame, the agency prefers status quo on . using the Lotus system.. They recommend researching options, however any changes will occur after the Jan 05 submission.

    Desired database characteristics:
    Centralized but available to all agency users
    o Lotus Notes and ORACLE can be accessed from anywhere in the world within our secure network.
    o Access and Excel cannot be accessed simultaneously by multiple users without undesirable results. Access can be used this way if available through a specialized server, but the number of users inputting and editing data tends to be more limited than either ORACLE or Lotus Notes.

    Access control
    o Lotus Notes is easiest to establish and maintain, although ORACLE can be setup and managed with similar results, but ORACLE takes more skill to establish and modify. Excel and Access have rudimentary user access controls that are inadequate for this project.
    Required fields
    o Lotus Notes and ORACLE can be programmed to require certain fields to be input Excel and Access cannot be programmed effectively this way.
    Pick Lists
    o This is essential for data consistency and reporting. If users input the name of a town multiple ways, even if it is an upper/lowercase issue, then sorting and reporting becomes much more difficult, if not impossible in some cases.
    o All the candidate programs can use pick lists for their field input, however, users can bypass the pick lists in Excel and Access.

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    What you do need is a LotusNotes Developer.
    You do not need a DBA.


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    Or is this an RFP?
    Jeff Hunter
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