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    7.3.4 - truncating huge table with few extents

    On a 7.3.4 database - I've got a 20G table with few extents (40). Do you think a "truncate table" will take long? Will it make my smon go crazy and make the system crawl for a significant period of time? I would guess not since # of extents is relatively few. Thoughts anyone?

    Wonder if I should just play it safe by issuing a 'truncate table blah reuse storage;" and "alter table blah deallocate unused" in smaller chunks instead.

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    Sounds safe to do it in one chunk to me.
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    If you are going to populate 20 gb data again, then use "truncate table reuse storage", otherwise use "truncate table" command.


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    Well, a 'truncate table;' on a huge table behaves pretty funky. Sometimes it goes through in a flash, while others - it just hangs in there forever; for no apparent reason. There's no load on the system and I'm the only user logged on! Yet, it'll just sit there for ever..hit a ^C, then try it again a few times, and it'll go through once in a while, if you're 'lucky'! I traced the thing while it hung, but it show's nothing. Oh well..

    Fortunately, this was on a 'test' system. There's no way I'm issuing a 'truncate table ##;' on production. I'm gonna deallocate in chunks.

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