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    Question How to run my script as a background job in UNIX?

    I have a script which does nothing but analyze all tables, while another one is to analyze all indexes. On one side, this is a one time process for testing, so I am not going to do this as a cronjob. And on the other side, it could be hours before this script finishes running, so I'd like to run it in the background.

    I know it's doable on UNIX, but how can I achieve that? An example will be specially appreciated...

    FYI - it's a SUN box. Let me know if you need other info...


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    have a script with in it for example

    sqlplus user/pass@instance < analyze table xxx compute statistics;
    analyze table yyy estimate statistics;

    The from the command line

    nohup ./script.ksh &

    You can then disonnect your session and it will run in the background

    Hmm this forum messes up two of these < was supposed be two of them followed by EOF and then the commands
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    I use screen sometimes, been using since University days. Quite useful to run jobs (not background, I run them in foreground then detach the screen). By default you can open up to 10 terminals in same telnet/ssh session then to leave the job running and not get hang up just detach the screen.

    Search unix detach screen in google

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