optach sucks
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Thread: optach sucks

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    opatch sucks

    is it me or does this "inhale vigourously"

    I logged a bug and received a one off except that it's not a one off it's a patch set release two so essentially it's a patchset for a patchset (92050 windooze) but I can't install it with OUI I have to use Opatch but optach requires PERL (alhough not the version of perl deliered with oracle nor any through any of the links in the opatch document)

    < end of rant>

    I'll go put a beating on a developer and fell better
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    . . . the new version of Perl will require an OS upgrade which (after you have found all the new drivers you need) will require a hardware upgrade. The new hardware will require patchset three . . .

    It's one kind of job security.

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