Hi Guys,

I have an Audit table in my database and this will table should be automatically inserted when a new row is created in the employee table.Based on this empno I have to pass this value into a stored procedure and call it from the Trigger.

For Instance,

Employee Table
Empno Name Sal
1001 James 3000

Audit Table
Empno Status
1001 Ready to Process

Now when I inserted a row in the Employee table ex-1001 then a trigger should get fired and insert a row as above.Within the trigger I should call a stored procedure where empno is the parameter.This output will be send to the text file.

My Procedure will get the values of the Empno,Name and Sal.

Pls help me how to do this process and if you can give the script for the Trigger it will be helpful for me.

Thank you Guys,