I tried some Unix forums but nobody replies.

1) Can someone recommend an active Solaris forum? Thank You

2) I am an Oracle DBA who came up the ranks through novell, I was never a unix admin. This poses difficulties at times on the job and it can be an issue when job hunting. I told my boss when I moved all web users to another box, I wanted invovlement in building this Sun machine better.

However I am not getting anywhere, I have installed solaris twice but each time although I can ssh to it, xwindows from netsarang wont work anymore. I set x11 forwarding to yes in ssh config and xdcpm config file Xaccess.

Xbrowser ( xdcpm protocol ? ) sees my Sun box but after password it just closes - no error message. Xstart ( ssh protocol ? ) gets as far as a session and displays xclock but wont do metatool, says DISPLAY is not set which is true, but when I do set DISPLAY= echo $DISPLAY is not set.

Any help would be appreciated I need to build RAID-5 array ( via Disksuite GUI ), install Oracle and get my webusers back over to this box.

I believe that I have some but not all of the necessary config settings to make x windows work, I am close but now other work demands attention and I am just spinning my wheels on this.