I have an Oracle Forms/Reports application made up of 44 forms, 7 reports and 4 stand alone forms that can be called independently or from the main application. My forms calls forms upto 3 levels. I have forms calling forms, forms calling reports and forms calling stand alone forms.

My application is developed in Oracle Forms/Reports 6i.
I want to migrate/upgrade from Oracle 6i Client/Server to Oracle 9i Web.

I have read that the RUN_PRODUCT built in is no longer supported and is replaced by the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT and the OPEN_FORM built-ins.

Reading the Oracle 6i to 9i migration manual, I have a few things to take into account. For example, on top of what I have already mentionned I should also look at USER_EXITS and other things.

My forms/reports are pretty straight forward to VBX or ICONS or stuff like that.

1) Can this conversion be done easily ? manually ?
2) Could tools like WebUtil and FMA (Forms Migration Assistant) do the job alone ?
3) How much time could it take to do a conversion like this ?