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    Problems with Oracle 8i tables to 9i


    i am a real newbie in Oracle administration managment.

    few days ago, i installed the Oracle 9i enterprise edition and created a new
    database and a new user.

    Now, i have some files from the Oracle 8i Server ( *.cmd, *.sql ). If i want
    to start the CMD file, i have a lot of errors, because the filesystem of 8i
    database is a huge different to the 9i database. I tried to import the SQL
    files with SQL Plus, but this didn't work.

    The next step was, to use the Oracle import tool. When i want start it, then
    i become a message, that i should to start the Oracle Management Server(OMS
    ) but i use the Enterprise Manager Console only in the standalone modus.

    My Question is now, how can i "import" the tables from 8i to 9i ?

    i am looking forward to hearing from you


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    Export using 8i exp

    Import using 9i imp


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    www.orafaq.com and look up on exp and imp

    alternatively type

    exp help=y


    imp help=y


    P.S:currently i am learning db2 i wish there was a site called www.db2faq.com

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    thanks for the fast answers.

    $ORACLE_HOME/bin/exp under Oracle 8i, then i typed in my username and after this the password. When i press the enter button, the DOS Window will be closed and don't make any export files.
    I tried the same under Oracle 9i and there it works, but 8i not. Thats not really good :/

    On a short look to orafaq, i didnīt see this problem(after trying with the exp)

    Can i do something with the CMD and SQL files?

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    Madrid, Spain
    you must read the utility guide, exp has several compulsory parameters

    someone would write parameter inside a text file then invoke the exp using parfile parameter

    exp parfile=mypar.txt --> where mypar.txt stores your parameters such as userid, file, log etc

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