Where to start -- DBA moving from Windows to HP-UX
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Thread: Where to start -- DBA moving from Windows to HP-UX

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    Question Where to start -- DBA moving from Windows to HP-UX

    I have been working as Oracle DBA under windows environment for a few years and now just moved to a company who use nothing but UNIX. The DB I'm going to work on now is a HP-UX box, while I know there are many other UNIX boxes as well, including solaris, AIX and LINUX (I know you can argue LINUX is not UNIX, but...).

    I have very limited experience on UNIX -- knowing how to use some common UNIX command and vi, but that's it. Other DBAs here are too busy to help me at this moment, but I can't just wait. What will be a good place for me to get started? I tried to located a good Oracle doc about this, but only found 'Getting Started for Windows' but not 'Getting Started for UNIX' -- guess most oracle DBAs are more familiar with UNIX than Windows. Any good book/website can help me on this?

    Any input will be greatly appreciated...

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    http://www.unixtools.com/tutorials.html has got a number of links to beginners UNIX tutorials - might be worth a look

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    Oracle Press, Oracle9i UNIX Administration Handbook (one of the very few Oracle Press books I'd recommend)

    UNIX Made Easy

    UNIX in a Nutshell (an O'Reilly book --> all O'Reilly books are good --> therefore, UNIX in a Nutshell is a good book)


    UNIX Power Tools

    Look at www.bookpool.com for low prices.

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