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Thread: Creating table in another schema.

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    Creating table in another schema.

    I am trying to create a table in another schema while logged in as a different user. when I run it from sql prompt I lets me do it. But when I try doing it thru pl/sql routine...it is giving me insufficient privilege.

    The user I am logging in has dba privileges.

    Here is what I am tring to do.

    SQL> show user

    -- USER1 has dba privs.

    SQL> create table user2.test as select * from user1.test;

    Table Created

    create procedure proc1 as
    l_stmt varchar2(100);
    l_stmt := 'create table user2.test as select * from user1';
    execute_immeditate l_stmt;
    end proc1;

    Procedure created

    SQL> @proc1

    I get insufficient privileges.

    What do I need to get this working?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You need the system privilege "create any table" granted directly to the user, not indirectly through a role. It's a PL/SQL thing.
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    Yes. I granted USER1 "create any table" and "drop any table" privilege. And it works.

    Interestingly USER1 could grant itself all these privs since it has been assigned DBA role. Guess Oracle needs certain data in dictionary to validate pl/sql privs.


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