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Thread: Oracle replication

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    Oracle replication

    Dear DB Gurus,

    I am New the oracle replication.

    One of my Customer requirement is as follows:-

    Database A and Database B are in the site X.
    Database C and Database D are in the Site Y.
    We are using oracle 8.1.7

    All the data in the database (A,B,C , D ) should be synchronized at any point of time.

    We are planning to put the Multi master replication between the all the databases.

    Can anyone help me to setup the Multi master replication between the all the databases? So those, all the database are synchronized after the recovery in all the scenario.

    What happen, if database A is updated by database B and Database D? If primary key voilation occured, how to resolve it?

    Thanks in Advance
    J.Bala cahnder

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    I finished to create a process of this in it I finish month, I believe that it can help you... what you need?

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    Hi HHBrazil,
    Is it possible to set the replication between A<->B<->c<->D<->A? How to solve the data conflict in the above setup?

    Can you please send me the document about your process?

    Thanks in Advance
    J.Bala chander

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