I migrated recently a medium size 9iAS R1 application based on Forms 6i and Reports 6i (around 350 forms and 50 reports). When migrating Forms 6i to Forms 10g the report calls (run_product) are substituted by rp2roo package by the migration assistant. So far so good.

However, there are some reports which get the report name dynamically from a configuration table, these dynamic ones do not work with rp2roo package complaining about missing parameters but the static reports (report name hardcoded in the invoking function in webforms) do work. Puzzled, Metalink chaps is telling I have to recode 300 forms and modified the calling code?! That cant be right because otherwise the static report would not work neither.

Ah and btw how do you output report in PDF in 10g? In 6i we had this handy variable FORMS60_REPFORMAT which is deprecated in 9i/10g, seems that we have to use DESFORMAT, as report parameter which is not acceptable because involved recoding of all reports! Again this was Metalink chaps suggestion, I gave them a suggestion by using cgicmd.dat but they dont seems to know what is that. The porblem with cgicmd.dat is the invoking URL is somethiing like


but the URL seen when invoking reports from webforms is something like


Totally different