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    How to test for data integrity

    At my workplace I was asked to design some test cases/scenario that could be used to test our Oracle 8i back-up database. Currently, we have set-up one current Oracle database server and one that will be used as its back-up. We have transferred portions of our current data to the back-up Oracle Server. My question is whether there is a way or utility that can be used to test whether the data sets we copied over are exactly those that reside on the running Oracle database server. For instance, if asked me, “how do you know the data you copied over from server A is what reside in your back-up server.” I want to be able to tell them that I have derived these test cases to test the boundaries and extremes of my data. Then I can conclusively conclude that the data is accurate.

    The current Oracle back-up database Server will be used primarily as a standby database in the case that the our current DB fails due to any db/hardware failures. This back-up database Server is created by restoring the backup of the current production database. The back-up Oracle Server is a logically and physically distinct database. BTW, we are using Windows 2000 Backup and Recovery Tools to perform the backups and then burning the files (data) to cd disk. We then use these disks to restore data to the backup Server.

    The purpose of this backup is mainly for disaster recovery. In which case, we want to test our recovery process and make sure that the data we are recovering is represented inclusively and nothing is left out from the production database.

    In short, I would like to know if there is a way to determine whether my restoration of data from the backups is transactionally consistent with the data in the production server. Pretty much how to test for data integrity. Any thoughts?

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    I'm sorry, but I don't understand your question!

    Are you asking - how you could verify your backups? By simulating different test cases and performing appropriate restores, obviously.

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