We're reformulating database backup routines. Oracle RMAN on 9i is being used on 9i databases while the older ones still use OS-based scripts.

Since we're considering as new hardware AIX 5L running on a SAN with Flashcopy feature, a few questions:

1) OS-based scripts should be migrated to a new routine using Flashcopy *even* for the 9i databases (RMAN on db's older than 9i is out of question)?

2) Does flashcopy features on backup and recovery override RMAN ? Is there any point if we continue with RMAN?

From my point of view, RMAN incremental backups become less important when we consider that complexity of backup routines are greater than Flashcopy's. However, the ability to optimize backupsets and manage redundancy on the database level are to be considered too.

Can anyone point something about an environment running both RMAN and Flashcopy? Is it worth trying? Any insights?