Hi All

Our oracle database in open VMS suddenly went down ..

i suspect this happened because of huge I/O ..

could anybody give their views .....

appreciate your help ..
I need to give explanation for this in my office ...

19-MAY-2004 15:37:03.70:
Parallel server mode inactive
Proc: 0x20600162 ORA_SPAR_SMON User: [277,100] ORACLE8 Term:
CPU Time Used (10ms): a
$CREPRC flags: 200, Current Privs: 7319e8a5
Event Flags 0-31/32-63/Mask: e0001001/80000000/d
Job Subprocesses/Current Mode/PHD Flags: 0/0/7b354848
ASTs Active/Avail./Enabled/Limit: 0/499/15/500
Buffered IO Count Avail./Limit: 99/100
Buffered IO Byte Count Avail./Limit: 3991744/3991744
Direct IO Count Avail./Limit/Operations: 100/100/25
Enqueue Count Avail./Limit: 49995/50000
Open File Count Avail./Limit/ShFilLm: 29958/30000/0
Page File Count Avail./Limit/Location: 1478432/1500000/50331648
Active Page Table Count: 0, Page Faults: 924
Pages in Working Set - Global/Process-Private: 6160/5904
FreePTEs (unsigned longwords 0:1): 4259748384:3
Subprocess Count/Limit: 0/10
Timer Queue Count Avail/Limit: 100/100
Working Set Max. Size/Max. Extent/Quota: 20000/656112/20000
Working Set Current Extent/Size/Peak: 656112/17600/12064
vsnsql=f vsnxtr=3
Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release - Production With the Partitionin
cpu ALPH 80000000 vms V7.2-1 clustered with 2 nodes
Node name: SPARKY
scsnd: SPARKY , ndname: SPARKY, sys$node = SPARKY::
hwmdl: 1820 hwnm: Compaq AlphaServer ES40 cpus: FFFFFFFF cpush: 0 active: 4, av
locktbl size 6400 max 3352463 resource hash size 16384
Instance name: SPAR
Redo thread mounted by this instance: 1
Oracle process number: 6
VMS process pid: 20600162, image: ORACLE

*** SESSION ID:(5.1) 2004-05-19 15:37:03.655
Using 5 slaves for 5 dead transactions
Recovered xid: 0x000a.004.000045b5 in 10 milliseconds; nchk=0, size=70
Recovered xid: 0x0008.006.0000465c in 0 milliseconds; nchk=0, size=155
Recovered xid: 0x0007.018.00004df2 in 10 milliseconds; nchk=0, size=183
Recovered xid: 0x0009.006.0000494b in 10 milliseconds; nchk=0, size=569

*** 2004-05-19 17:30:24.473
Using 5 slaves for 1 dead transactions
Recovered xid: 0x0002.00f.00004458 in 0 milliseconds; nchk=0, size=135
[End of file]