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    Hello to all of you,
    Please excuse some of my questions even though they might sound stupid to some of you seasoned professionals. I am only a student and still learning and I would like to have a clear understanding of the answers to these questions before I start practising as a DBA:

    Question 1: Is METALINK the same as contacting Oracle support but METALINK is through the web and Oracle support is through the phone?

    I am only a student but I will like to know the difference between the two before I start practising as a DBA.

    QUESTION 2: So as a DBA when do you have to use or contact these 2(METALINK and ORACLE SUPPORT)

    Please give me very clear answers with example if you can.


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    Metalink is like support.microsoft.com and it is Oracle official support to *licensed* users, it contains tons of technical papers, bugs reports, workarounds, a forum answered by Oracle support analysts/DBAs
    We contact Metalink when we find anything we cant solve or strange things for example bugs

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    1.So in a nutshell, you can say METALINK is like this board(dbasupport.com) but also has a lot of information on tecnical papers?

    2. So what about Oracle support? When and why do you have to contact them?

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    You contact Oracle support, when :
    1- you have a problem, that you think it's an Oracle Bug.
    2- you need an advice, on how to do something, but it should not be novice question.

    If you don't have time, to wait for oracle support, you go yourself to metalink
    Amir Magdy

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