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    Oracle 9i OCP preparation

    Hi Guys

    Planning to take a chance to clear OCP for 9i. Need help

    1. Looking for ILT: Any suggestion where from will get it?
    2. STS: Suggestion please
    3. Dump: Suggestion pls.


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    over the hill and through the woods
    1. take out check book
    2. write an exorbinate amount of money on the line
    3. send it off to larry
    4. take tests pass (maybe)
    5. Get certification letter in the mail
    6. Oracle desupports your OCP database version that you just got.
    7. Oracle demands that you upgrade your OCP.
    8. rinse and repeat.

    If you want to earn respect and learn something, go attend the classes on your own using your own money to do so. You'll get more out of it and you get to keep the books Besides, if you foot the bill you'll do your best to get your moneys worth.

    Taking the initiative to learn on your own speaks volumes with managers (at least in my experience).

    Getting ceritfied just shows you can read a book and memorize something and it's just one more way Larry can fund his sailboat.
    Oracle it's not just a database it's a lifestyle!
    BTW....You need to get a girlfriend who's last name isn't .jpg

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    Originally posted by OracleDoc
    If you want to earn respect ...
    he should learn how to post http://www.dbasupport.com/forums/sho...threadid=36219
    I'm stmontgo and I approve of this message

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    certification materials

    I recieved all the materials i need to pass the ORACLE 8i DBA track on ebay. You are able to purchase a training kit which covers all of the exams to the 9i upgrade for a very cheap price relative to other self study and hands on training. Materials such as STS software, CBTs, ILTs and other training materials were very helpful in my certification process.

    look at this link for an example of what is available:

    Just use the word 'oracle' in the search field.



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